Terms & Condtions

Terms & Conditions

For Mumbai region: Installation & 2 services will give by company with machines.

For our customers from outside Mumbai region: As our company is not available to cater our direct support on installation and other service backups for outside Mumbai region, therefore we shall bear the Courier cost and a specified set of extra spares with filters and fittings based on our list enclosed shall be provided to the customers along with the machine ordered by them. In additional to this if any damage does occur in delivery process shall be borne by the company.

State wise and location wise service providers details are given on the Service Providers page of our website for our Outside Mumbai Region customers. We specify that they are only our recommended service providers, who can be defined as a separate individual bodies not associated with our organization in any aspects, who will render their paid services to our outside Mumbai customers on installation, servicing and maintenance of our machines. In related to the services offered by our service providers, we shall not be held responsible or liable as this will be a clear direct deal between the customer and service provider, once we reach the ordered products to the customers. Also, in our Service Provider page, if you do not find our recommended service provider at your location than you can contact and take help from any local technician or service provider in your area.

For Outside Mumbai Region our responsibility shall include only products related grievances and technical assistance for which our team shall support you on the given contact details.

Warranty Clauses

One year warranty will be provided by company for all customers (within & Outside Mumbai Region). But only Outside Mumbai Region, customers will get few electrical spare parts with machine to give them hassle free experience in warranty period.

One year warranty for water purification system covers only the warranty for electrical parts and not consumable parts like filters, membranes, etc as the life span of such parts depends entirely on the water quality and water consumption. In case, if the membrane is damaged before completion of warranty period, then the company will bear 50% and the customer shall bear rest 50% of the total cost of the membrane replacement respectively.

Clauses on our Return policy

In case if the customer wants to return the product due to any reasons, it should be processed within one month after delivery of the said product.

Customer should well – pack the products to be returned in a proper manner. The company shall arrange pick up and bear the transportation cost.

10% of the selling price at the time of sale shall be deducted during refund of the payment.

In case during return if the product is damaged during transit, the loses shall be incurred on 50:50 basis by the customer and company together respectively out of the refund payment. The payment will be refunded considering the aforesaid clause nos. (3) and (4) within 3 working days after receipt of the product returned back.

These warranty Terms, conditions and warranty clauses are applicable to the Purifiers only, while for the spare parts, Terms and Conditions are mentioned along with respective product description.